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Ask Coach Sean is an open water clinic by Sean Gassman aimed toward triathletes.


The clinic will give you the skills needed and the safety knowledge to become a successful and confident open water swimmer, whether you want to enter open water competitions, triathlons or simply want to take advantage of fitness swimming in lakes and oceans. The Open Water Swim Clinic teach the fundamentals of open water swimming and efficient transitions as they relate to successful triathlon racing.

Open water swimming requires a different skill set and training. Open water clinics do not cover how to swim, but cover a new skill set, which is not commonly discussed in the average swimming pool community.

This is a great opportunity for those who may be new to open water swimming or triathlons to learn some of the needed skills, in a non-competitive and safe environment with a seasoned coach, to feel confident to take part in a race.

For seasoned veterans, this is a great opportunity to refine and to advance your skills and to gain knowledge of the US Open race-course.


Coach Sean Gassman

  • Tri Life Racing Head Coach
  • LifeTime Fitness Garland Cycle Club Coordinator
  • Life Time Fitness Masters Swim Coach
  • Life Time Fitness- Garland, Triathlon Coach
  • USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach
  • USA Cycling Level 3 Coach
  • American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor
  • American Red Cross Professional Rescuer- First Aid/CPR/AED


Location: Rockwall , Texas

Country: USA

Region: Americas

Contact Name: Sean Gassman



Event Dates:

Website: Official Website

Class: Clinic