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Ashby Harper

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Ashby Harper, an inductee (Honor Swimmer) of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in its Class of 1984
Ashby Harper, a Princeton University alumnus

Ashby 'Brud' Harper is an American open water swimmer who was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in the Class of 1984 as an Honor Swimmer. He died after suffering a heart attack in an open water swimming in Greenwich, Connecticut. He won 9 varsity letters at Princeton University and was the 1939 recipient of the prestigious Roper Trophy.

After earning the Distinguished Flying Cross and four Air Medals as a naval fighter pilot during World War II, Harper spent a lifetime in education in Ecuador and Peru, at the St. Louis Country Day School, with the Peace Corps in Guatemala, and at the Albuquerque Academy.

Open Water Swimming Highlights

Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming

Harper referred to the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming as the rare triple.

Oldest Individuals to Cross the English Channel

1. Otto Thaning (South Africa), 73 years, E/F, 12 hours 52 minutes (2014)
2. Cyril Baldock (Australia), 70 years 9 months, E/F, 12 hours 45 minutes (2014)
3. Roger Allsopp (England), 70 years 4 months, E/F, in 17 hours 51 minutes (2011)
4. George Brunstad (USA), 70 years 3 days, E/F, in 15 hours 59 minutes (2004)
5. Chris Shapland (Australia), 69 years, E/F, in 16 hours 28 minutes (2016)
6. Donald Riddington (Australia), 68, E/F, in 19 hours 45 minutes (2013)
7. Clifford Batt (Australia), 67, F/E, in 18 hours 37 minutes (1987)
8. Ashby Harper (USA), 65, E/F, in 13 hours 52 minutes (1982)
9. Joe Smith (England), 65, E/F, in 14 hours 9 minutes (1999)
10. Roger Allsopp (England), 65, E/F, in 15 hours 30 minutes (2006)
11. Sue Oldham (Australia), 65, E/F, in 17 hours 11 minutes (2010)

Santa Barbara Channel Half Century Club Members

Of the 53 official solo swims governed by the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, 24.5% of the swims have been accomplished by these swimmers of the Half Century Club:

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