Asha Allen

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Asha Allen, mother of 7 and nurse, has completed two Oceans Seven channel swims

Asha Allen is a 48-year-old American open water swimmer from California has completed two Oceans Seven channel swims.

Open Water Swimming Career Highlights

The Long Swim

Jamie Patrick's support crew on The Long Swim was Jim Patrick, his wife Teresa Patrick, Matt Richardson, Jen Schumacher, Janet Manning, Breanne Melconian, Lynn Kubasek, Asha Allen, Brian Patterson, Keith Metzger, and Morgan Christian. He lasted nearly 18 hours in the water before abandoning his swim at the request and recommendations of his support crew.

Out, Around and Back Relay

Allen is a member of the Out, Around, and Back marathon swimming relay from Catalina Island to Santa Barbara Island, circumnavigate Santa Barbara Island, and then return from Santa Barbara Island to Catalina Island. On 14-15 July 2016, John Pittman escorted the Old and Cold Relay, including Becky Margulies, Asha Allen, Dan Simonelli, Dave Van Mouwerik, Anthony McCarley, and Scott Zacharda for 28 hours 58 minutes over 108.2 km before the swim was called off by the boat owner as they were estimated to be 5 miles / 2 hours from their finish on Catalina Island.

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