Arthur Renowitzky

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Arthur Renowitzky is a young man from California who was attacked and shot for US$20. He started the Life Goes On Foundation. His road to recovery is being supported by the Night Train Swimmers in a 300-mile (482 km) non-stop record-setting relay swim in San Francisco Bay on 6 September 2015. He is also a Night Train Swimmer himself.

Life Goes On Foundation

Life Goes On Project was founded in 2007 by Renowitzky. That year, he was tragically shot in the chest by an unknown assailant whose motive was to rob an innocent individual while leaving a San Francisco night club, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. The shooter was never found. After the shooting, Renowitzky was rushed to the hospital and rose from a near-death coma and months of determined rehabilitation with a new lease on life. He now works aggressively to share his inspiring story of overcoming a horrific life obstacle.

His mission is to help and inspire others who find themselves in similar life altering situations, encouraging them to remain positive and work towards overcoming any obstacle that keep them from happiness.

Arthur envisions a world where he can one day walk, run and play with his loved ones without any threat of senseless violence. To achieve these goals, Arthur and his team are committed to speaking out publicly about the realities of youth violence. Life Goes on Foundation welcomes you to join Arthur and his social cause through volunteerism, donations and local activism.


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