Arpoador Beach

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Arpoador Beach is a small section of sand and rock at the upper end of Ipanema Beach. It comes to a point with hiking trails and large rocks that afford spectacular views down to Leblon Beach and São Conrado. It is one of the more popular beaches in Rio de Janeiro with spectacular sunsets on every clear day.

On the beach near the Posto 8 lifeguard station there's a well established weight lifting and exercise area.

Surfistas (Portuguese for surfers) jockey for position in the waves from dusk to dawn, and draw a crowd of onlookers who take in the best vantage point from the large rocky outcrop overlooking the best surf areas. Surfboards can be rented and surfing lessons are offered.

Arpoador means 'fisherman who harpoons'. Fisherman with long poles outfitted with multiple hooked lines reel in small orange fish by the dozens. These fish hide and feed under the surf that crashes into the large rocks facing the Atlantic Ocean.

At the base of the rocks are very large lights that illuminate the beach at night.

Arpoador Beach is one location of the three-stage King and Queen of the Sea (Rei e Rainha do Mar in Portuguese) open water swimming competition.

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