Armandos Linardos

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Armandos Linardos is a triathlete and coach who works with Chris Sifleet on Spetses Island in Greece to provide a week of swimming stroke analysis and nutritional advice that culminates in the Spetses Marathon, a 5 km or 3 km sea swim between the island of Costa and Spetses.

Spetses Island

Spetses (Modern Greek: Σπέτσες) is an affluent island and a municipality in the Islands regional unit, Attica, Greece. It is sometimes included as one of the Saronic Islands. Until 1948, it was part of the old prefecture of Argolidocorinthia, which is now split into Argolis and Corinthia. In ancient times, it was known as Pityoussa, and later as Petses.

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