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The Arch in the Aumakua Swim and Sprint Mile on Maui, Hawaii

noun - The Arch is an underwater obstacle at the Aumakua Swim in Maui, Hawaii. The 9-13' deep and 6-8' wide coral arch is located in the middle of the 2.4-mile swim. If a swimmer submerges and goes under the Arch, they can subtract 1 minute off their time for diving through the Arch. Any swimmer who dives through the arch gets a token to show at the finish for the 1-minute "credit". From the first year, it appears by examining results that swimmers "lost" approx 50 seconds by diving through the arch. A scuba diver will be there at the arch to monitor swimmers for safety, in addition to a lifeguard at the surface and a kayaker.

Aumakua Swim and Sprint Mile

The Aumakua Swim and Sprint Mile is an ocean swim held on Maui after the Maui Channel Swim. It is one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims and organized by Malcolm Cooper.

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