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Antonio José Saint Aubyn is a 39-year-old swimming coach and open water swimmer from Cumaná, Venezuela. Saint Aubyn was a national pool swimming champion in the 1990s and represented his native Venezuela in international competitions in Brazil, Argentina and Cuba. He won the open water swimming competition across the Orinoco River and the Gulf of Cariaco in Venezuela.

Pioneering Swims

He completed an unprecedented 63 km (39-mile) wetsuit swim between Margarita Island (Isla de Margarita) and Cumanagoto Marina in Cumaná City on the mainland of Venezuela on 14 July 2012. He started at 2:28 pm on 13 July and finished at 11:10 am on 14 July for a 20 hour 42 minute solo swim. The Federacion Venezolana de Natation observed, sanctioned and ratified the solo swim.

He also completed a 105 km wetsuit from Margarita to Puerto La Cruz in Venezuela in July 2014 in 38 hours 15 minutes.


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