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Antonio Abertondo is an inductee in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, Honor Swimmer in the Class of 1964
Antonio Abertondo

Antonio Abertondo (1 August 1918 – 6 July 1978) is a marathon swimmer from Argentina who was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 1964 as an Honour Swimmer. He is a member of the 24-hour club and has done two Oceans Seven channels.

Open Water Swimming Career

1950 Daily Mail Race

1951 Daily Mail Race

Egyptian, 34-year-old Mareeh Hassan Hamad, won the 1951 Daily Mail race in 12 hours 12 minutes by 1 minute over Frenchman Roger Le Morvan. The results were as follows:

1. Mareeh Hassan Hamad (Egypt) 12:12
2. Roger Le Morvan (France) 12:13
3. Hassan Abdel Rehim (Egypt) - 12:25
4. Saied El Arabi (Egypt) 12:42
5. Jason Zirganos (Greece) 14:01
6. Jan Van Hemsbergen (Netherlands) 14:03
7. Sally Bauer (Sweden) 14:04
8. Antonio Abertondo (Argentina) 14:14
9. William E. (Ned) Barnie (Scotland) 15:01
10. Jenny Kammersgaard (Denmark) 15:38
11. Daniel Carpio (Peru) 23:05


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