Annette Cowley

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Annett Cowley is a former world-class pool swimmer and trustee of the SEAL Open Water Swimming Development Trust whose other trustees include Ram Barkai, Theodore Yach, Andrew Chin and Ryk Neethling. The SEAL Open Water Swimming Development Trust receives donations from the Youth Day Swim that is part of the Freedom Swim Series. Youth Day commemorates the uprising against Bantu Education in the mid-1970s and the Youth Day Swim raises funds for the education of disadvantaged youths.

Freedom Swim Series

The Freedom Swim Series includes the Youth Day Swim (16 June each year), Human Rights Day Swim (21 March each year), Brian Curtis Mile, Reconciliation Day Swim (16 December each year), Women's Day Swim (9 August each year), Freedom Day Swim (27 April), and Heritage Day Swim (24 September each year).

The Freedom Swim Series is a succession of cold water Cape sea swim races to promote swimming and to raise funds for good causes. Each swim takes place on a public holiday specifically to celebrate these significant days and South Africa’s history and heritage. They aim to raise awareness of the significance of these public holidays and to give back by raising funds for causes which are related to these national public holidays.