Traversée du Lac d'Annecy

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Site of the Traversée du Lac d'Annecy à la nage - Annecy (Annecy Crossing, a 1 km or 2.4 km crossing in the Baie d'Albigny

The annual Traversée du Lac d'Annecy à la nage - Annecy (or Annecy Crossing) is a 1 km and 2.4 km crossing in the bay of Albigny (Baie d'Albigny) in Lac d'Annecy, France on 15 August 2014. It has been held 83 times in Lac d'Annecy. It is part of the EDF Aqua Challenge 2019.

Lac d'Annecy

Lac d'Annecy (English: Lake Annecy) is a perialpine lake in Haute-Savoie in France, the third largest lake in France. It is known as Europe's cleanest lake because of strict environmental regulations introduced in the 1960s. It is a popular tourist destination known for its swimming and water sports. The lake was formed about 18,000 years ago, at the time the large alpine glaciers melted. It is fed by many small rivers from the surrounding mountains (Ire, Eau morte, Laudon, Bornette and Biolon), and from a powerful underwater source, the Boubioz, which enters at 82 m depth.

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