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Anne Jenner served as a support crew member responsible for Mitarbeiterin Hochschule Furtwangen, Analytik: Schnelltests for the Rheines Wasser or the Swim for science, an assisted 1,231 km stage swim in the Rhine river by Professor Dr. Andreas Fath of Germany. Throughout this stage swim, Dr Fath and his team collected samples in the Rhine for analysis using a microplastic membrane attached to his leg.

Swim for science

On 24 August 2014 Dr. Fath swam from Lake Toma in Switzerland to the North Sea at Hook of Holland and successfully completed the final stage of his “Swim for science” (Rheines Wasser) which began on 28 July 2014 in the Graubünden Alps. His 1,231 km Rhine swim was completed in 28 days.

Swim for science Analyses

Together with students from Furtwangen University and partners from industry and scientific institutes, Dr. Fath put the Rhine to the test with some unique methods and instruments including a chip that can detect up to 150 micro-organisms, such as pathogens or bio indicators, at the same time. He also collected samples of all the organic materials which he came into contact with in the Rhine by means of a special plastic membrane attached to his calves.

The aim of the Swim for science was to raise awareness for the importance of water as a resource and to develop effective methods of protection. The research results of the Rhine's current speed, pH values, conductivity and the water temperature were presented at the 7th Annual Hansgrohe Water Symposium on 13 November 2014. The water samples taken during the swim every day were tested for industrial chemicals, hormones, antidepressants, sweeteners, antibiotics, painkillers, drugs, pathogens and microplastics.

Rheines Wasser Team

Rheines Wasser Video

Rheines Wasser Stages

  • Etappe 1: Lake Toma – Ilanz
  • Etappe 2: Ilanz – Chur
  • Etappe 3: Chur – Sargans
  • Etappe 4: Sargans – St. Margrethen
  • Etappe 5: St. Margrethen – Constance
  • Etappe 6: Constance – Stein am Rhein
  • Etappe 7: Stein am Rhein – Eglisau
  • Etappe 8: Eglisau – Bad Säckingen
  • Etappe 9: Bad Säckingen – Basel
  • Etappe 10: Basel – Breisach
  • Etappe 11: Breisach – Kehl
  • Etappe 12: Kehl – Karlsruhe
  • Etappe 13: Karlsruhe – Mannheim
  • Etappe 14: Mannheim – Mainz
  • Etappe 15: Mainz – St. Goar
  • Etappe 16: St. Goar – Koblenz
  • Etappe 17: Koblenz – Bonn
  • Etappe 18: Bonn – Köln
  • Etappe 19: Köln – Düsseldorf
  • Etappe 20: Düsseldorf – Götterswickerhamm
  • Etappe 21: Götterswickerhamm – Emmerich
  • Etappe 22: Emmerich – Wageningen
  • Etappe 23: Wageningen – Vreeswijk
  • Etappe 24: Vreeswijk – Rotterdam
  • Etappe 25: Rotterdam – Hoek van Holland

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