Anne Jackson

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Anne Jackson is an open water swimmer from the Cayman Islands. She swam across the Cayman Brac Channel between Cayman Brac and Little Cayman in the Cayman Islands. She took 3 hours 18 minutes to cross this 4.88-mile channel, together with Alex Harling (Great Britain) [2:59:01], Kerri Kanuga (Canada) [Time: 2:59:05], Andrea Roach (Canada) [Time: 3:04], Kristina Horacek (USA) [Time: 3:10], Matthew McKinley (Cayman Islands) [Time: 3:18], Felix Ebanks (Cayman Islands) [Time: 3:20], Barb Pederson (Zimbabwe) [Time: 3:22 with fins], Kate Alexander (USA) [Time: 3:25], Cordell Gutierrez (Cayman Islands) [Time: 3:30 with fins], and Governor Duncan Taylor (Great Britain) [Time: 2:59] in June 2011.

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