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Ann Stanley is responsible transportation at the annual 2.1 km Interior Savings Across the Lake Swim in British Columbia, Canada.

Across the Lake Swim

The 2.1 km Interior Savings Across the Lake Swim is the largest and longest running open water swimming event in Canada. For 67 consecutive years starting in 1949, the Interior Savings Across the Lake Swim has been held in West Kelowna, British Columbia over a 2.1 km course across Okanagan Lake. The event is one of Canada's Top Open Water Swims, part of the Canadian Open Water Swim Series and was named one of the World's Top 100 Open Water Swims.


Power Boats: Rupert Gruen and Val Miller,
Food: Val Miller,
Graphics: Phred Martin,
Media: Melissa Manley:
Merchandising: Mark Fromberg,
Open Water Swim Clinics: Peter Rudd,
Race Director: Peter Rudd,
Registrar: Kelly Imada,
Safety: Randall Wight,
Sponsors: Mark Fromberg,
Treasurer: Jane Fletcher,
Transportation: Ann Stanley,
Venue: Dom Caron,
Volunteers: Jane Fletcher,
Website: Peter Rudd,

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