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Reira Hara taping on a transponder to the wrist of Yasunari Hirai, a Japanese professional marathon swimmer at a FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix event in Cozumel, Mexico. Photo by World Open Water Swimming Association

noun - Transponder or timing chip is a light, waterproof timing devices with GPS capabilities that are worn on both wrists or ankles of swimmers at competitive open water swims, biathlons and triathlons. The device is of Neutral velocity. At major international competitions, the transponders are used in conjunction with the Open Water Gate developed by Omega Timing.

Wrist transponders or ankle transponders can be used. Wrist transponders are currently used in FINA competitions while ankle transponders are used in triathlon and other ocean swimming competitions.


The swimmers were given transponders before the race by the officials.


timing chip, racing chip, RadBand, smart transponder, timing chip, wrist transponder, ankle transponder

Lost Transponder

When a transponder comes off in a sanctioned race, Delisa Batiza must obtain a new one while in the water.

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