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Angus Martin is an author and historian from Scotland who researched the first attempt of the North Channel in 1878 by Frederick Cavill. Cavill's attempt across the North Channel in 1878 was defined as the Dál Riata Channel Swim (or the Mull of Kintyre Swim) by the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association in 2014. His attempt is a 17 km (10.5-mile) course between Scotland and Northern Ireland that was pioneered by Wayne Soutter from Mull of Kintyre in Scotland to Ballycastle in Northern Ireland in 2012, a shorter course than the traditional North Channel crossing that was pioneered by [[]].

Books by Angus Martin

  • Kintyre: The Hidden Past Kintyre: The Hidden Past by Angus Martin
  • The Larch Plantation by Angus Martin
  • Gorillas In The Garden: Zoology And Zoos by Angus Martin, Pamela Conder (Illustrator)
  • Herring Fishermen of Kintyre and Ayrshire by Angus Martin
  • Kilkerran Graveyard Revisited: A Second Historical and Genealogical Tour by Angus Martin, George John Stewart (Illustrator)
  • La Bibliotheque Universelle Des Romans, 1775-1789: Presentation, Table Analytique, Et Index by Angus Martin
  • Kintyre Country Life by Angus Martin
  • The Song of the Quern by Angus Martin
  • Fishing and Whaling by Angus Martin
  • The Last Generation: The End Of Survival? by Angus Martin
  • Anthologie Du Conte En France, 1750 1799: Philosophes Et Cœurs Sensibles by Angus Martin
  • Always Boats and Men by Angus Martin
  • By Hill and Shore in South Kintyre by Angus Martin
  • Pollution And Conservation In Australia: A Layman's Guide To The Causes, Effects And Controls Of Pollution by Angus Martin
  • The Ring-Net Fishermen by Angus Martin
  • The French Short Story In The Classroom by Angus Martin
  • Kintyre Places and Place-Names by Angus Martin
  • Bibliographie Du Genre Romanesque Français, 1751 1800 by Angus Martin
  • Kintyre Instructions: The 5th Duke of Argyll's Instructions to His Kintyre Chamberlain, 1785-1805 by Eric R. Cregeen, Angus Martin
  • There's Always a First Fish by Bob Smith, Angus Martin (Introduction)

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