Andrew O'Mahony

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Andrew O'Mahony at the South End Rowing Club's Run Jump and Swim Event
Andrew O'Mahoney sitting on the Dolphin Club pier after a wonderful summer swim

Andrew O'Mahony (born 1 August 1986) is an open water swimmer and runner from San Ramon, California, who swims with both the Dolphin Club and The South End Rowing Club of San Francisco.

Open Water Swims

O'Mahoney has been swimming in the San Francisco Bay since November of 2010. He had suffered a torn meniscus and had to take time off from running races, so, on a whim, he searched Google to see if there were open water swimming races available. Among the top results was the website for the Dolphin Club, one of the oldest clubs in San Francisco, nestled right in Aquatic Park in front of Ghirardelli Square. The club only took new members on the third Wednesday of each month, and this day was the third coincidence was on his side!

The rest, as they say, is history...some of the swims he has done so far:

  • Bay Bridge to Aquatic Park (San Francisco, California)
  • Golden Gate Span, Alcatraz (San Francisco, California)
  • Round Trip Alcatraz (San Francisco, California)
  • The San Francisco Baykeeper's 9-mile relay from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Emeryville Marina (San Francisco, California)
  • The Mega (Huntington Beach, California)

The biggest highlight in his mind was his short 30 minute swim at the Farallon Islands. He went out with a great group of people on Vito Bialla's boat, Sequel, and jumped in 100 yards from the island, and swam away from it for as long as he liked. He still feels like he should have swam more, but decided to leave it in the water for later, much longer, adventures!


O'Mahoney wants to swim in every piece of water in the universe. He sees the ocean as open and infinite, and also wants to make access to the ocean to swim and share with love and care open and infinite as well.


  • California High School in San Ramon, California - Graduated Class of 2004
  • DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington - BS in Computer Science awarded in 2008

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