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The Great Shark Swim course along the warm Agulhas Current runs along the east coast of South Africa that is formed by the confluence of the warm Mozambique Current and East Madagascar Current, which meet southwest of Madagascar

Andrew Ford is a South African open water swimmer who participated in the Great Shark Swim, a planned 100 km charity swim organised by Madswimmer in the Agulhas Current along the KwaZulu Natal Coast in South Africa. The team stopped after 28.24 km and 9 hours 3 minutes due to stings by blue bottles on 2 December 2017.

Great Shark Swim Course

The 100 km course will start near the Port Shepstone Coast, 10 km in from the eastern shoreline of South Africa, and end at Mbotyi, Eastern Cape in South Africa. The current at the start moves at 9 km per hour. With an average swim speed of 3.3 km per hour, the total swim speed is expected to be 12.3 km per hour, which means the pod of 12 open water swimmers will complete the 100 km course in over 8 hours. The charity swim aims to create awareness of shark and ray species such as blue sharks, mako sharks, dusky sharks, and bronze whaler sharks that are targeted in long-line fishing gear set across the Agulhas Current, and smaller shark and ray species that are caught as bycatch in trawl fisheries.

Great Shark Swim Participants

1. Jean Craven, Swimmer and Project Leader
2. Herman van der Westhuizen, Swimmer
3. Emil Berning, Swimmer
4. Greig Bannatyne, Swimmer
5. Samantha Whelpton, Swimmer
6. John Dickerson, Swimmer
7. Mark de Klerk, Swimmer
8. Ryan Stramrood, Swimmer
9. Milton Brest, Swimmer
10. Nadia Cooke, Swimmer
11. Owen Scheftz, Swimmer
12. Duncan Kukard, Swimmer
13. Trevor Lundt, Swimmer
14. Andrew Ford, Swimmer
15. Ben Enosh, Swimmer
16. Luc Chetboun, Swimmer
17. Oded Rahav, Swimmer
18. Doron Amosi, Swimmer
19. Ram Barkai, Swimmer
20. Andy Pfaff, Swimmer
21. Pablo Fernandez, Swimmer
22. Nic Burden (Paddler co-ordinator)
23. Gordon Spalding, kayaker
24. Mike Halliday, kayaker
25. Paul Nixon, kayaker
26. Rob Tucker, kayaker
27. Dr Jean Harris, Expedition Leader, At-Sea Team Leader and boat skipper of the Research Vessel Angra Pequena from the Wild Oceans Program
28. Roland Mauz, At-Sea Co-Leader and boat skipper of Avatar from African Dive Adventures (semi-rigid inflatable boats)
29. Emil Pirzenthal, boat skipper of Anon from Aliwal Shoal Adventures
30. Fafa Pretorius, boat skipper from South African Police Search & Rescue
31. Glen Preston, boat skipper of God’s Girl Medivac
32. Nicolene Steynberg, Onshore Project Co-ordinator
33. Kamini Moodley, On-water Project Co-ordinator
34. Lisa Guastella, oceanographic and weather forecasting)
35. Derrick Fraser, At-Sea Co-Leader, Swimmer and kayak safety
36. Dr. Sean Gottschalk, At-Sea Co-Leader, Medical

Great Shark Swim

A 100 km tandem swim of 20 swimmers, in the Agulhas Current off South Africa

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