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Save the Children with Swim The Lakes charity swim

Andrea Kelly is a British event organiser with Head to the Hills where she organises The Great Lake District Swim Challenge, a series of 17 open water swims in the Lake District of the UK, and the Swim The Lakes charity swim.

Great Lake District Swim Challenge

The Great Lake District Swim Challenge is a stage swim event that traverses over 214 miles in 17 lakes over 4 days offers a total of 16.1 km of open water swimming with the shortest swim of 500m and the longest swim of 2 km. The Challenge is split into the east half and the west half of the Lake District (Great Lake District Swim Challenge West and Great Lake District Swim Challenge East). Swimmers cross the width, sometimes twice, of each of the lakes within the allotted time before moving onto the next lake by chartered mini-bus.

Swim the Lakes

Swim The Lakes is a month-long charity swim to help children in war-torn countries with a swimming twist. People can swim throughout the month of January in the virtual event so they can do anywhere in the world.


Swim the Lakes, 2 Compston Road, Ambleside, The Lake District. LA22 9DJ


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