Anacapa Around-and-Back Swim

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Anacapa Around-and-Back Swim was an unusual marathon swim where Peter Hayden first circumnavigate Anacapa Island (23.4 miles in distance) and then swam to the California mainland as the 47th person to complete the Anacapa Channel. The swim was completed on 3 September 2014. Hayden first swam around Anacapa Island in 5 hours 41 minutes. Then he directly left the island to swim to the California mainland where he walked ashore at Port Hueneme 6 hours 59 minutes later.

Support Crew

His support crew consisted of Carol Hayden, Howard Burns, Marc Horwitz, Patsee Ober, and Julie Flanagan. The Slayer was piloted by Captain Dawn Brooks, Jordon and Russell. SBCSA observers were Theo Schmeeckle and Lynn Kubasek.


Hayden was awarded the Yudovin Award for Most Adventurous Swim by the Marathon Swimmers Federation for his unique lollipop swim.

Circumnavigation Around Anacapa Island

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