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Kenmare River (Irish: An Neidín, meaning "the little nest") is a small town in the south of County Kerry, Ireland. The name Kenmare is the anglicised form of Ceann Mara meaning "head of the sea", referring to the head of Kenmare Bay which is sometimes called the Kenmare River, where the Roughty River (An Ruachtach) flows into the sea, and at the junction of the Iveragh Peninsula and the Beara Peninsula. The traditional Irish name of the bay was Inbhear Scéine from the Celtic inver, which is recorded in the 11th Century narrative Lebor Gabála Érenn as the arrival point of the mythological Irish ancestor Partholón.

Open Water Swimming

Ripley Davenport completed the unprecedented 42.8 km Kenmare River Adventure Swim, a solo self-sufficient adventure swim without boat support of the Kenmare River (Bay) in 11 hours 47 minutes on 10 April 2015.

Kenmare River Adventure Swim

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