Insight Into The World Of Ice Swimming

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Ice swimming manual written by Irish ice swimmer Nuala Moore

Insight Into The World Of Ice Swimming is a book on ice swimming written by Nuala Moore and published in 2016. The paperback manual is based on Moore's experiences doing ice swimming (i.e., swimming for distance in water under 5°C) from her native Ireland to Russia and Argentina and many places in between. The manual focuses on Cold Water Shock, Cold Water Incapacitation/Swim Failure, Post-Rescue Collapse and Hypothermia and how it applies to ice swimmers.


Nuala Moore is an Irish extreme swimmer, ice swimmer, marathon swimmer, coach and author of Insight Into The World Of Ice Swimming. Moore is an open water swimmer, she completed an ice swim in January 2013 in Ireland as well as two 1000m ice swims in near 0ºC water temperatures in Murmansk, Russia. She was also a member of two unprecedented open water swimming [relay]]s, the Round Ireland relay and the Bering Strait Relay Swim between Russia and the USA.

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