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Amy Ahearn

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Amy Ashton finishing the Seal Beach Rough Water Swim
Amy Ashton, ocean swimmer
Amy Ashton loves outdoor activities from the ocean to the snow-covered mountains

Amy Ahearn (Amy Ashton, born on March 8) has been an open water swimmer since 2003 focusing on ocean swimming. She one of the original founders of the Seal Beach Sea Monkeys and has been competing in the annual biathlon called The Mega in Huntington Beach for over 10 years.

Open Water Experience[edit]

  • The Mega
  • SERC Alcatraz Swim
  • La Jolla Gatorman
  • Seal Beach Rough Water Swim
  • Newport Beach Pier Swim
  • Hermosa to Manhattan Pier Swim
  • Corona Del Mar
  • Rooney's to O'Malley's 5k
  • Taco Surf Rough Water Swim
  • Huntington Beach Pier Swim


  • CSU Chancellor Office as a Financial Systems Manager
  • Studied Fine Arts at University of Utah
  • Lives in Huntington Beach, California
  • From Salt Lake City, Utah

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