Amy Appelhans Gubser

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Amy Appelhans Gubser touching Anacapa Island after her 19.6 km crossing of the Santa Barbara Channel in California
Farallon Islands relay, seated bottom row: Crew Chief Joe Butler. Seated second row: swimmer John Sims. Standing third row, left to right: swimmer Kirk McKinney, Jeff Everett, Andrew McLaughlin, Les Mangold, Crew/First Aid Glenn Greene, Captain Brent McClain and Amy Gubser. Standing fourth row: Captain Marino Cacciotti. Photo by Shannon McLaughlin

Amy Appelhans Gubser is an American open water swimmer and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit neonatal nurse from Pacifica, California who has completed three Oceans Seven channels and the California Triple Crown (Santa Barbara Channel + Catalina Channel + Lake Tahoe).

Open Water Swimming Highlights

World Open Water Swimming Association Awards

The relay was nominated for a WOWSA Award in the 2015 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year category by the World Open Water Swimming Association.

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Marathon Swim Stories

She appeared with Shannon House Keegan on Marathon Swim Stories.

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