American Swimming Association

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Money Box Cap 2k sanctioned and organized by the American Swimming Association

The American Swimming Association provides programs and services to the swimming community, sanctions swimming competitions, serves as advocates for competitive swimmers, and promotes the sport of competitive swimming and open water swimming. It was founded by Keith Bell and is managed by Keith Bell and Sandy Neilson. It is one of the largest open water swim series in the United States.


The American Swimming Association was created to be Inclusive • Progressive • Flexible • Fan Friendly • Fun. Its innovative and progressive rules facilitate unique, fun competitions conducted with integrity.


The American Swimming Association competitions are open to any student, who is enrolled full-time in an accredited institution of higher education, including any post high school accredited vocational or technical school, junior college, community college, college or university (including graduate schools, medical schools, law schools and post-graduate studies).

Mission Statement

1. To promote the sport of competitive swimming
2. To promote health and fitness through competitive swimming
3. To promote the enjoyment of competitive swimming
4. To promote recognition for top swimming performances and performers
5. To increase the number of competitive swimming opportunities
6. To increase the quality of competitive swimming opportunities
7. To make swimming meets easy to host and enjoyable for everyone involved
8. To cooperate with other competitive swimming organizations for the betterment of the sport


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