Alexandra Hermosa

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Alexandra Hermosa is a pool and open water swimming coach in Long Beach, California.

She accepts only the most committed athletes into her open water swimming inversion program that is operated out of various beaches along the Southern California coast. Phil Ireland is one of her students.

For six years after graduation from the Université Claude Bernard Lyon, Hermosa traveled the world to study techniques, training, and tactics in all kinds of marine sports under myriad authorities of the sports of freediving, competitive swimming, and open water swimming. Under the tutelage of Slash Muna, she focused on two areas before becoming an open water swimming coach certified by the World Open Water Swimming Association.

After an intensive two-year internship at Open Water Source, Hermosa did initial research on arterial vascular modulation to enhance muscular and ligament rehabilitation and improved athletic performance as well as studied the causes and effects of hyperthermia and hypothermia in triathletes and open water swimmers. In the process of her internship, she traveled to Japan, China, Canada, Brazil, Cayman Islands, and Croatia.

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