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Alan Morrison

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Alan Morrison swimming breaststroke in Brighton Beach
Alan J. Morrison founded Law Offices of Alan J. Morrison, where he specializes in biotechnology and pharmaceutical law

Alan Jay Morrison is a 55-year-old American open water swimmer from New York who specializes in breaststroke.

Open Water Swimming Carerr[edit]

  • On 14 August 2010, he completed the 12.9 km Boston Light Swim in 3 hours 48 minutes 40 seconds at the age of 48.
  • On 23 April 2011, he completed the 37 km Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in Florida in 14 hours 23 minutes at the age of 49.
  • On 13 August 2011, he completed the 27.3 km Rose Pitonof Swim in New York City in 6 hours 9 minutes 4 seconds at the age of 49.
  • On 24 September 2011, he completed a 19.6 km crossing from Anacapa Island to Oxford on the California mainland in 6 hours 59 minutes 38 seconds.
  • On 10 August 2013, he completed the 27.3 km Rose Pitonof Swim in New York City in 6 hours 29 minutes doing breaststroke at the age of 51.
  • In September 2013, he completed a 7.5-mile breaststroke marathon swim from Sandy Hook, New Jersey to Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York.
  • On 27 September 2015, he swam 37.7 km (24-mile) two-way swim from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Steeplechase Pier at Coney Island and back to the Brooklyn Bridge in 9 hours 48 minutes as a charity swim for the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture.
  • On 22 July 2017, he completed the 28.5-mile (45.8 km) 20 Bridges Circumnavigation Swim of Manhattan in New York City in 9 hours 22 minutes 41 seconds at the age of 55.

Breaststroke Marathon Swim[edit]

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