Abe Rogers

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Abe Rogers, producer of Swim Workouts To Go and head coach of Cambridge Masters Swim Club
Abe Rogers in Afghanistan
Abe Rogers in Afghanistan

Abe Rogers is the Head Coach of the Cambridge Masters Swim Club and is a graduate and varsity swimmer of Colby College who became a professional triathlete upon graduation and competed in the 2000 USA Olympic Trials. Rogers was the Head Coach at Boston University Masters before enlisting in the Army where he spent three and a half years with the 82nd Airborne Division. He earned a Masters Degree in Education with a Specialty in Physical Education and Coaching from Boston University in 2012. Rogers returned from his second deployment to Afghanistan in 2011 and is currently serving in the Massachusetts National Guard.

Rogers has 20 years of experience training athletes at all levels. Rogers also produces Swim Workouts To Go together with Harvard University coach Stephanie Morawski.

Swim Workouts To Go

Swim Workouts To Go app is designed for the Masters swimmer, fitness swimmer or Triathlete who is looking to stay in shape while on the road, and lacking access to structured coached workouts.

Swim Workouts To Go is produced by Rogers, the Cambridge Masters Swim Club Head Coach, and Harvard University Women’s Swimming Head Coach, Stephanie Morawski.

Swim Workouts To Go also links to the United States Masters Swimming page to provide a quick look at what pools are available in the area.


The Swim Workouts To Go app posts new workouts to its site daily and offers both freestyle and stroke practices. Written instructions are included under the Terminology page. Depending on the swimmer's ability, the workouts should take between 75-90 minutes. Most workouts average 4000-5000 yards.


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