A Few Distant Splashes

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A Few Distant Splashes is a poem by John DaPrato.

so, what is an out-of-work
Coney Island swimmer bound
for Boston supposed to do?
The Fung Wah Bus Company's
twelve dollar fare is long gone --

the Feds crashed the place
and crashed it hard --
... now, there's a huge padlock
on the old rusty gate --
hey, too many safety violations
to score..

well, i've been thinkin' and
thinkin' ..

why don't i just hop on an unguarded,
docked barge or even a slow moving
freighter bound for St.John's or
Newfoundland? ..

i'll catch it out in the
Coney Island shipping lane
with a fierce front-crawl
and then lay-low through
the night.

i could read the stars and
pick-up the shore past
Nantucket then keep a
real close - watch for
Harbor lights..

i could hope for low swells
then take my chances
after the long jump in the cold,
open sea.

So if you are near the shore
looking toward Little Brewster
way after dark
and glimpse a few distant
just within sight--

it could be a Coney Island
Stowaway (or two or three)
swimming hard and
swimming fast
toward the great, bright
Boston Light..

John DaPrato

John DaPrato is an open water swimmer from Brooklyn, New York, USA. He has done the 8.2-mile Pennock Island Challenge in Alaska and San Francisco's Bridge to Bridge 10k Swim twice (2009 and 2010), the Boston Light Swim in 2010 and the 2011 Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon Swim. He also was a team member and team captain of a Manhattan Island Marathon Swim relay in 2010 and the Icebreakers in the 2011 Boston Light Swim. He has also completed the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim, Great Hudson River Swim, Stars & Stripes Swim, Park to Park Swim, Brooklyn Bridge Swim, Little Red Lighthouse Swim, Cove to Cove Swim, and Governors Island Swim.

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