8 Mile Charity Club

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A group of swimmers at the Midmar Mile in South Africa before the start of an open water swim
Mandy Loots finishing the 2015 aQuellé Midmar Mile while raising money for The Pink Drive during the 8 Mile Club event

noun - The 8 Mile (12.8 km) Charity Club is a pod of open water swimmers who complete eight one-mile swims at the annual aQuellé Midmar Mile, the world's largest competitive open water swim. The 8 Mile Club raises funds for various charities and is headed by Mervyn Bremner, Richard Stretch and Stan Kozlowski.

Stan Kozlowski started the idea of swimming all 8 miles to raise funds for the Wildlands Conservation Trust in 2001. He has completed a total of 84 miles so far. Bremner formalised the 8 Mile Club with Kozlowski in 2004 and since then has completed 93 miles to top the list of official 8 Mile Club swim list.

A maximum of 50 swimmers attempt to complete all 8 one-mile events at the annual aQuelle Midmar Mile. As soon as they complete one 1-mile swim, they head back to the starting line and do it again 8 times. Members of the 8 Mile Club wear a special gold-colored swim cap.

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