3 Daughters Brewing

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Terry Tomalin's Frog Grog Pilsner produced by 3 Daughters Brewing

3 Daughters Brewing is a craft beer brewery and distributor located in the state of Florida.


3 Daughters Brewing is managed by Mike Harting (Owner / Operator), Leigh Harting (Owner / Sales & Marketing), Ty Weaver (Head Brewer), John Erik Savitsky (CEO, 3 Daughters Cider), Desiree Chubb (Director of Quality Assurance), and Brad Rice (Logistics Manager).

Terry Tomalin's Frog Grog Pilsner

Terry Tomalin's Frog Grog Pilsner is a craft beer that was named after Terry Tomalin, one of the co-founders of the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim, a 5 km charity swim, and the Escape from Egmont Key Swim both located in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Tomalin helped raise funds for severely injured active duty Navy SEALs by supporting the Navy SEAL Foundation. He served as the long-time Outdoors-Fitness Editor for the Tampa Bay Times, was an outdoorsman, journalist, author, and a Boy Scout leader. He unexpectedly passed away in May 2016 of a heart attack while taking a lifeguard class with his son at the North Shore Aquatic Complex in St Petersburg, Florida.

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