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The 300m Kids Surf Dash is a free, fun event for kids aged 8 years and older where family and friends are encouraged to share the experience and swim the course alongside the kids. The Cooly 1000, Kids Surf Dash, and Cooly Classic 2.0 are part of the Milk & Co Queensland Ocean Swim Series in Queensland, Australia. The Cooly Classic offers competitors a rare opportunity to conquer three of Australia's most revered surf breaks - Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta and Kirra. The event is organized by John Guise of the Weekend Warriors.

Cooly Classic 2.0

The Cooly Classic 2.0 is the main event that starts at the popular Snapper Rocks surf break and follows the coast north passing Rainbow Bay, Greenmount and Coolangatta enroute to the finish at legendary Kirra Beach.

Cooly 1000

The Cooly 1000 is a 1 km short course option from Coolangatta to Kirra Beach and part of the Cooly Classic. The Coolly 1000 is is a perfect introduction for less experienced ocean swimmers and retains the popular point-to-point format. This event is the perfect introduction to open water swimming for kids and also gives them an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of a beach sprint finish.


Kirra Beach - 1 hour 15 minutes south of Brisbane.


The Cooly Classic course is designed to allow your support crew, family and friends to follow the swimmers' progress and walk the beach before meeting the swimmers at the finish line.

Event Schedule

7 April 2013