Au I Na Mokupuni Ekolu Endurance Challenge Invitational

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Jamie Tout, Mark Spratt, Edie Markovich, Lauren Grous, Dr. Steven Minaglia, and Dan Worden huddle up during the 3-day, 3-stage swim 'Au I Na Mokupuni Ekolu Endurance Challenge Invitational where they swam the 14.9-km Kalohi Channel between Molokaʻi and Lānaʻi on 27 August 2021, the 14.1 km Auau Channel between Maui and Lānaʻi on 28 August 2021, and the 13.5 km Pailolo Channel between Maui and Molokaʻi on 29 August 2021 in the state of Hawaii

The Au I Na Mokupuni Ekolu Endurance Challenge Invitational (or the ʻAu I Nā Mokupuni ʻEkolu Swim Challenge or the 'Au I Nā Mokupuni 'Ekolu Maui Nui Swim) is a 3-day 3-stage ocean channel swim in the State of Hawaii where swimmers swim across 3 Hawaiian channels in 3 days.


During each day, swimmers attempt either a tandem swim or a solo swim across each channel: 13.5 km Pailolo Channel, 14.9 km Kalohi Channel and 14.1 km Auau Channel.


It is sanctioned by Hawaii Channel Association, recognized by Hawaii Swim, and organized by Dr. Steven Minaglia.


2022 October 13-15 Swimmers

2022 February 21-23 Swimmers

2021 August 27-29 Swimmers

2021 February 19-21 Swimmers

2019 September 12-15 Swimmers

2018 September 7-9 Swimmers

2017 October 21-23 Swimmers

Triple Crown of Stage Swims

It is part of the Triple Crown of Stage Swims:

  • SCAR Swim Challenge, a 4-day, 4-stage 66.9 km lake stage swim: 15.2 km Saguaro Lake on Day 1 + 14.4 km Canyon Lake on Day 2 + 27.3 km Apache Lake on Day 3 + 10 km Roosevelt Lake on Day 4 in Arizona, USA.
  • 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, an 8-day, 7-stage 193 km river stage swim down the Hudson River: 29.4 km on Day 1 + 31.8 km on Day 2 + 21.2 km on Day 3 + 24.4 km on Day 4 + 31.8 km on Day 5 (The Beast) + 25.2 km on Day 6 + 29.1 km on Day 7 in New York, USA.
  • Au I Na Mokupuni Ekolu Endurance Challenge Invitational, a 3-day 3-stage 42.5 km ocean channel stage swim: 13.5 km Pailolo Channel on Day 1 + 14.9 km Kalohi Channel on Day 2 + 14.1 km Auau Channel on Day 3 in Hawaii, USA.

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