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noun - +Pool is a visionary urban pool to be constructed in New York Harbor.

+ POOL is initially funded by Kickstarter and is designed for all types of swimmers, bathers and visitors. It has a Kids' pool, Sports pool, Lap pool and Lounge pool.

+ POOL Dimensions[edit]

  • Pool Dimensions: 164' (l) x 164' (w) x 5' (d). Each arm is 32' (or four lanes) wide.
  • Pool Area: 9,300 sf
  • Pool Volume: 285,000 gallons
  • Deck Dimensions: 205' (l) x 205' (w) x 8' (d)
  • Deck Area: 14,700 sf
  • Water Turnover Period: Every 6 hrs (2 hrs at Kids' pool)
  • Water Turnover Rate: 707 gpm (259 gpm at Kids' pool)
  • Max Daily Turnover Volume: 694,000 gallons/day

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