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Zhou Jihong

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Zhou Jihong from Hubei, China has served as a FINA Bureau member since 2015 and initially joined FINA as an Athletes Committee member (1998-2001), a Committee she has chaired since 2014. She was a member of the FINA Technical Diving Committee (2001-2009), which she later chaired (2001- 2016). Zhou chaired for six years the Technical Diving Committee of the Asian Swimming Federation (AASF) and is currently Vice-President and Diving Liaison of the AASF. Zhou was Coach of the national Diving Team of China from 1990-1997 and has been the Team Leader since 1998. She is currently the Chairperson of the Chinese Swimming Association (CSA). Zhou was an elite diver who a bronze medal in the 10m platform event at the 1982 FINA World Championships, a gold medal in the 10m platform event at the 1983 FINA World Cup, and a gold medal in the 10m platform at the 1984 Olympics.

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