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Wild Swimming

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Wild swimming in Oman

verb - Wild swimming is swimming in natural or man-made bodies of open water such as rivers, lakes, waterfalls, oceans, seas, reservoirs and dams. A form of open water swimming made popular in Great Britain by renowned writers Kate Rew and Daniel Start (Wild Swimming Original and Wild Swimming Coast). Wild swimming is open water swimming while plunging in secret or hidden places, sometimes in wilderness areas. Associated with skinny-dipping or naked swimming, often with romantic connotations. It is also the action of aquatic adventure such as jumping or diving from a height, using swings and slides, or riding the current of a river.


During his drive across the country, the friends wanted to do wild swimming and go for a swim across 100 different bodies of water.


open water swimming, nature swimming

Wild Swimming in England and Wales[edit]

According to Wild Swimming, there are several campaigns currently under way to enshrine the legal right to wild swim in natural waters in England and Wales. Scotland already has a legal right of access to waters - a water right to roam.

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