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Utah Polar Bear Swim

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Utah Polar Bear Swim

The Utah Polar Bear is a unified effort to gather donations for local charities in Utah Lake on Monday, January 14th 2012 in Provo, Utah. Free food and hot chocolate is served after the 12 noon swim.


One Hundred for Haiti: One Hundred For Haiti's mission is to provide rebuilding support for the people of post-earthquake Haiti. This differs from "relief" organizations as our goal is to use relief as a stepping stone to rebuilding, which means transformation from within, instead of as an end in and of itself. All donations are accepted, at any level.

Clean Media United: Mission: To unite and promote those persons and entities dedicated to promulgating clean media and to educate the general public of the harmful effects of pornography (in all of it’s forms); to maintain records and a history of the persons and entities that promote clean media: and to apply for educational grants to encourage and to further clean arts.

World of Difference: World of Difference gives African children a chance by helping communities build schools and train teachers, as well as assisting them with supplies needed to provide a proper education.


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