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UK Cold Water Swimming Championships

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UK Cold Water Swimming Championships are a winter swimming competition held in Tooting Bec Lido in London, England in January with over 650 swimmers competing in 115 races. The event started in 2006 and is an International Winter Swimming Association-sanctioned event.

Water temperature[edit]

Water temperature is expected to be 3ºC. Wetsuits are not allowed.


Races include 30-yards traditional ‘head-up’ breaststroke with comedy hats (a picture desk favourite), freestyle dash and a Big Splash group jump-in.


The Championships take place at Tooting Bec Lido, the largest open-air, unheated fresh-water pool in the UK. The UK Cold Water Swimming Championships started in 2006 at Tooting Bec Lido and is held every two years. The UK Cold Water Swimming Championships are sponsored by Ingage and organised by the South London Swimming Club.

Event schedule[edit]

  • First race 9.10am (freestyle heats)
  • Breaststroke heats at 10.50am
  • Relays from 12.15pm
  • Finals from 1.45pm
  • Big Splash 3.10pm
  • Hat Parade 3.20pm
  • Awards 3.30pm


The 2015 Championships are sponsored by ingage, a new investor relations company, created by senior investment professionals to develop an intuitive, efficient, transparent and low cost way of bringing investors face-to-face with senior management of listed companies around the world. See

Official charities[edit]

The UK Cold Water Swimming Championships 2015 are proud to be working with FRANK Water and International Inspiration as this year’s official charity partners. With water at the core of a swimmer’s daily routine, the two charities run programmes to ensure water is safe. FRANK Water provides access to safe drinking water, working with vulnerable communities to develop appropriate water solutions which are community owned. International Inspiration’s SPLASH programme teaches children to swim, addressing the high drowning mortality rates in Asia, where more than 100,000 children each year die in water.

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