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Triathlon Egypt

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Omar El Galla of Triathlon Egypt

Triathlon Egypt is an attempt by extreme athlete Omar El Galla to complete a cycle across Egypt (covered 6,500 km in 65 days), a run across Egypt( 1,500 km along the Nile River from Abu Simbel to Alexandria in 36 days), and a solo stage swim across the length of Egypt (beginning on 1 September 2019 that will take approximately 90 days).

Omar El Galla[edit]

Omar El Galla (or Omar Khaled Hassan Ahmed or عمر خالد حسن أحمد or عمر الجلاعمر الجلا) (born 13 March 1988 in Cairo, Egypt) is a 31-year-old Egyptian extreme athlete who is an open water swimmer, long distance cyclist, ultra marathon runner.


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