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Swim Secure

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Wild Swim Bag by Swim Secure™
Tow Woggle by Swim Secure™

Swim Secure™ are the market leading open water tow float and dry bag suppliers that allows open water swimmers to be safer and be seen and provide waterproof storage during swims.


Swim Secure™ products are used by competent swimmers to increase visibility in the open water. They are also suitable for use by open water swimmers, triathletes, and recreational swimmers. Swim Secure™ products are used by individuals, families, swimming and triathlon clubs, outdoor centres, and major mass participation open water events.




These products are highly visible in the water, which increases swimmer visibility by other water users such as boats and jet skis, as well as fellow swimmers and support teams on the shore. The Swim Secure™ dry bags and tow floats will also support an adults weight if you need to rest during your swim.


The development of Swim Secure™ products was pioneered by the Colin Hill in the UK and Europe, and the product range is the largest selling open water dry bag and tow floats in the UK. Swim Secure products are available in 25 countries on five continents. In 2019 Swim Secure announced a global partnership with Oceanman Global Swim Series that sees it exclusively supplying Tow Floats, Tow Woggles and course marker buoys for Oceanman events worldwide.

Tow Float[edit]

The tow float is extremely lightweight and ideal for training and events.

Tow Float Pro[edit]

The tow float pro has a carabiner attachment to remove float easily and is useful for swim guides who may need to assist others. It has a rope around the outside of the float to assist with holding on. The larger size makes it ideal for sea swimming in a swell.

Dry Bags[edit]

The dry bag is a double airbag system that keeps kits safe and dry with small (20L), medium (28L), large (35L), extra large (50L) sizes available. It can be used without a kit as a tow float and is ideal for self supported swims and adventure swims.

Window Dry Bag[edit]

The window dry bag is a double airbag system that keeps the kit safe and dry and includes an extra phone dry bag and a phone window]. It can be used without a kit as a tow float and is ideal for self supported swims and adventure swims.

Hydration Float[edit]

The hydration float offers an open pocket for a water bottle and has an inflatable floor for draining. It is ideal for long training swims.

Tow Donut[edit]

The tow donut is a small integrated dry bag ideal for car keys, phone and valuables and is ideal for self-supported swimming.

Wild Swim Bag[edit]

The wild swim bag is designed to be great on land and in the water. Use as a standard 30L backpack dry bag on land and then remove the padded straps, attach the waist belt and leash and use as a towable dry bag in the water.

Tow Woggle[edit]

The tow woggle was developed exclusively for Swim Secure to give confidence to those new to open water. The noodle-type design gives swimmers the reassurance that they can rest during their swim if needed, while the bright colour provides visibility.

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