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Swim Mate (SwimMate®) is an open water swimming magazine published quarterly by Vlad Mravec of Vladswim Pty Ltd. The Sydney, Australia-based magazine and online publication covers a wide range of news, views and ideas about pool and open water swimming.


Its Editor is Ewen McDonald, its Copy Editor is Charmian Frend, its Designer is Jerry Stefik, its Marketing Manager is Viktoria Mravcova. Its coaches are Vladimir Mravec, Charmian Frend, Ewen McDonald, Mal Booth, and Chris Kemp.


Its contributors include James Pittar, Narelle Simpson, Duncan Adams, Taylor Auerbach, Paul Ellercamp, Justin North, Vlad Mravec, Sandra Domelow, Margie McDonald, Ewen McDonald, John Franks, Louise Stevenson, Mick Maroney, Alfredo Garcia Gómez, Sarah Dacres-Mannings, Emma Fitzgibbon, Charmian Frend, Todd Israel, Tori Gorman, Ben Hutt, Kristy Campbell, and Viktoria Mravcova.

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