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Swim Ireland

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Swim Ireland is the national governing body for swimming, water polo, diving and synchronised swimming across the 32 counties of the island of Ireland/ that outlines its structures and rules, provides qualifying times, calendars and results for competitions, and information associated aquatic disciplines in Ireland. The organisation was formed in 1893 and adopted the trading name of Swim Ireland in 1998. It has over 14,000 members and over 150 Affiliated Clubs. It is recognized as such by the Department of Tourism, Transport, Sport and the Arts through Sport Ireland and Sport Northern Ireland, FINA, and LEN.


To inspire and empower people in Ireland of all ages and abilities to participate in our sport and to embrace a healthy lifestyle.


Encompassing the four provinces of Ireland, Swim Ireland is the governing body of swimming in Ireland. It is operated by a voluntary board of Directors who are democratically elected by the club members making nominations to and voting on the candidates at the Swim Ireland Annual General Meeting.

Strategic direction and leadership comes from the Swim Ireland board made up of 11 volunteers comprising a Chairperson, Treasurer, Company Secretary and two representatives from the four regions. The operational side is managed by the CEO in conjunction with the 25 members of staff. Committees of volunteers are also established to assist in the running of the organisation. Volunteers and paid staff are considered as partners in implementing the mission and programmes of Swim Ireland with each having an equal but complementary role to play.


Everyone has a connection with the water. Toe in the water. Face in the water. Staying afloat. Touching the bottom. One length without stopping. Fifty lengths without stopping. Diving from the 10 meter board, without a toe out of place. Wading in amongst the horde, without running back out again. Lying flat on my back. Out to the buoy and back. Holding my breath. Holding court. Relaying. Relaxing. Getting used to the water. Getting fit. Getting faster. Me and the water.

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