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Swim Camp Catalina

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Jamie Patrick, protagonist of the Swim Camp Catalina on Santa Catalina Island in Southern California

The Swim Camp Catalina is a 3-day swimming holiday camp co-founded and co-hosted by Jamie Patrick, Scott Zornig and Lynn Kubasek on Santa Catalina Island in California.

The camp is highly social and includes yoga sessions as well as numerous ocean swims throughout the day and night including a 3-4 mile Lobster Point Swim, the Mexican Sombrero Pier Relays where fancy suits and costumes encouraged, nightly swimsuit optional glow stick swims under the stars, a 1-mile Sunriser, Trojan Horse, Sea Cave swim, a Bird Rock or Pin Rock Adventure Swim, a Pier to Pier to Pier to Pier Cat Harbor Swim, a stockings/leggings swim, inflatables relays, a 1-mile morning after out-and-back swim to 4th of July Harbor, and a Beyond Fisherman's Cove Swim.

Hosts and Founders[edit]

Scott Zornig, Lynn Kubasek, Jamie Patrick

Swim Camp Catalina III[edit]

Swim Camp Catalina III was held on 10-13 November 2016 in Two Harbors, Santa Catalina Island ("The search for the mystical mermaid"). The camp was open to 67 campers and included a special guest appearance of Lynne Cox who presented an autographed signed copy of her book, Swimming in the Sink, to each of the swimmers. Participants included Leslie Absher, Asha Allen, Barbara Alvstad, Lauren Anderson, Susanne Baab-Simpson, Paul Bales, Kris Berglund, John Blair, Caroline Block, Howard Burns, Jane Cairn, John Chung, Marcus Dobrowolski, Anna Edmondson, Todd Eisenecher, Yasmin 'Mina' Elnaccash, John Gale, Owen Garmire, Ivanka Gavanski, Jorge Gonzalez, Cathy Harrington, Josh Havelka, Stephanie Havelka, Carol Hayden, Peter Hayden, Marc Horwitz, Kate Howell, Al Jaurique, Betty Jean Jaurique, Susan Knight, Lynn Kubasek, Kellie Latimer, Ozlen Luznar, Tanya MacLean, Janet Manning, Becky Margulies, Jane Mason, Frank Mattingly, Meggan Mindiola, John McQueen, Tiffanny McQueen, Laura Moriarty, Karyn Noel, Jamie Patrick, Rachelle Petrucci, Michelle Poole, Kelley Prebil, Kirsten Read, Robin Rose, Theo Schmeeckle, Anne Schonauer, Tia Shimada, Steve Sponagle, Paul Springer, Michelle Squyer, Saffron Stellea, Tamie Stewart, Gay Lynn Tangdit, Jax Tatro, Amy Tingley, Wendy Toohey, Audry Viers, Skip Wise, Martha Wood, Scott Zornig, and Cherie Edborg.

Swim Camp Catalina III Video[edit]

Swim Camp Catalina IV[edit]

Swim Camp Catalina IV will be held 9-12 November 2017.

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