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noun - Side-dolphining or side-streaming is pushing off a wall in a pool or bodysurfing in the pool or open water with the arms overstretched over the head, with the arms tightly squeezed to the head and kicking in a streamlined fashion to quickly move through the water on the left or right side. It is different from traditional dolphining on the stomach or dolphining on the back and can be done while dolphining into the finish in an ocean swim or under the waves during bodysurfing.


The most experienced swimmers side-dolphin quickly in and out of the shallow water at the start and finish. The lifeguard was side-dolphining on his right side as he came into the finish.

Dolphining Videos

Gerry Rodrigues practices dolphining in a shallow pool, measuring his velocity with SwiMetrics by Steven Munatones.


dolphining, side-streaming

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