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Shier Mendelson

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Shier Mendelson, champion Canadian pool and open water swimmer
Shier Mendelson on a collectible card from Dominion Chocolate, circa 1925

Shier Mendelson was a champion Canadian pool and open water swimmer.

Open Water Swimming Highlights

  • He won the Toronto Across the Bay 1.5-mile competition in 1913, 1915, 1919 and 1920. The competition was not held during the World War I years.
  • Mendelson was also the 200 and 220 yards breaststroke champion of Canada.
  • He was the United States 6-mile open water swimming champion.
  • On 15 January 1927, he entered the Wrigley Ocean Marathon Swim across the Catalina Channel from Isthmus Cove on Santa Catalina Island to [[San Pedro on the Southern California mainland, but did not finish. He ended up helping his friend George Young win.
  • He was also the secretary-treasurer of the Queen City Swimming Club of Toronto.
  • He was instrumental along with others, in founding the Jewish version of the YMCA , the YMHA, in Toronto, that enabled aspiring Jewish athletes to have a place to train. In addition, he arranged for women's only times during which female swimmers could train without men (who often trained nude in those days).
  • He coached college swimmers, hosting swimming teams from places like Michigan to come to Toronto.

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