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Shark diver

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Taylor Cunningham off Hawaii for One Ocean Diving, photo by @chiaraphoto
Taylor Cunningham off Hawaii for One Ocean Diving, photo by @blakethompsonphoto

noun - Shark divers are professional divers and shark experts who plan for and provide a safe and protective swimming environment for open water swimmers and others in the water where sharks are known to be. Shark divers work in the tourism industry, television and film industry, and assist open water swimmers in various risk-inherent swims and channel crossings. They provide green shark deterrent protocols for commercial and non-commercial applications worldwide from cage and underwater communications systems to embedded, non-life threatening, shark deterrent systems designed to keep swimmers, divers, tourists, camera crew and television and film talent safe from sharks in demanding ocean conditions.

Shark Divers™ and the Shark Divers logo are trademarks of Shark Diver™.

Shark divers are part of an ocean swimmer's shark team.

Shark Divers[edit]

Well-known shark divers include Patric Douglas, Luke Tipple and Richard Theiss.


shark safety diver

Marathon Swimming[edit]

Shark divers are defined by the Marathon Swimmers Federation as non-performance-enhancing equipment.

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