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Sarah Turner

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Sarah Turner, Ph.D. is an American pool and open water swimmer who has competed in many California and Hawaii ocean and lake races including swimming on the winning 1994 and 1996 Maui Channel Swim, a 9.6-mile relay from Lanai to Maui in Hawaii, together with Stephani Munatones, Michele Bird, Ellen Ferguson, Susan Casey and Pam Lazzarotto.

Professional Career

She is a California-licensed psychologist who completed her undergraduate degree majoring in Psychology at the University of California at Santa Barbara. She continued on to earn her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles. Dr. Turner completed her internship at The Department of Children and Family Service in Los Angeles, and her post-doctoral training at Children’s Hospital, San Diego.

Dr. Sarah Turner has over 25 years of education, training and experience with infants, children, adolescence and adults. She has integrated her passion for psychology and neurobiology with her passion for the human spirit, establishing the foundation for hope and healing.

Dr. Turner completed her post-doctorate work at San Diego’s Children’s Hospital’s Autism Intervention Center before establishing her private practice where she currently provides clinical psychotherapy, neuropsychological assessments, social/emotional skills training, parent training and educational consultations.

Dr. Turner is well known in the San Diego area for her work with Special Needs Children and their families. Her work specializing with children on the autism spectrum has facilitated travel to different Counties, States and British Columbia where she has developed and implemented home and school programs. Further, she has presented lectures on Autism Spectrum, Attention Deficit/Hyperactive, Mood and Anxiety Disorders throughout Southern California.


Dr. Turner appeared on WOWSA Live on 19 April 2020 with Ned Denison.

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