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Seal Innovation

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Seal Innovation is a swimming device company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Seal Innovation is the creator of the SEAL SwimSafe™ Swim Monitor and Drowning Detection System.

SEAL SwimSafe™ Swim Monitor and Drowning Detection System[edit]

The SEAL SwimSafe™ Swim Monitor and Drowning Detection System empowers swimmers and their parents and guardians by tracking a swimmer's safety while he or she plays, learns to swim, does laps, and dives. Based on its patented SwimSafe™ technology, if the system detects a potential drowning incident in progress, the SEAL band triggers​​ a high intensity visible, audible, and vibrating alarm alerting guards and guardians to the danger so that a rescue can begin.


  • Justin Calvillo, Business Development, Corporate Finance & Development
  • Graham Snyder, MD, Chief Executive Officer
  • ​Karen Zelden, Corporate Communications, Investor and Media Relations
  • Dr. Courtney Mann, Co-Founder & Advisor, Pediatric Emergency Physician & Child Safety Advocate
  • Dave Callahan, Director of Business Development
  • Jonathan Reekes, Marketing



SEAL Innovation's mission in creating the SEAL was to eradicate swimmer drowning.

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