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Ryan Willis

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Sarah Thomas with husband Ryan Willis after her swim across Lake Memphremagog in Vermont

Ryan Willis is a kayaker for his wife and marathon swimmer Sarah Thomas who won the Border Buster at the 2014 Kingdom Games in Lake Memphremagog, Vermont.

Escort Crew Highlights

Sarah Thomas' Lake Powell Swim

Courtesy of Jamie Patrick of Adventure Swimmer Productions in association with Sea Nymph Films showcases Sarah Thomas' unprecedented 81.8-mile (131.6 km) crossing of Lake Powell along the Arizona-Utah border in the western USA on 4-6 October 2016 in 56 hours 5 minutes. Still photos by Ken Classen.

The Other Side

Sarah Thomas is the protagonist of the film The Other Side, a documentary covering her English Channel quad swim. On 17 September 2019, she completed an unprecedented 134 km four-way crossing of the English Channel in 54 hours 10 minutes 0 seconds at the age of 37 where she swam from England to France to England to France and back to England with escort pilot Eddie Spelling on Anastasia.

  • 1st crossing from England to France: 11 hours 26 minutes 50 seconds
  • 2nd crossing from France to England: 12 hours 41 minutes 14 seconds
  • 3rd crossing from England to France: 12 hours 58 minutes 16 seconds
  • 4th crossing from France to England: 17 hours 5 minutes 40 seconds

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