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Relaxed 'cause we know where the cake is hidden

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Relaxed 'cause we know where the cake is hidden (also called as Relaxed) is known as Wave Two for Slow Swimming events organized by Stuart Hamilton.

Slow Swimming Events

Slow Swimming promotes open water swimming for the pure pleasure of experiencing the nature and the open body of water. The ideal Slow Swimming event takes place in idyllic surroundings, doesn’t start too early in the morning. 10 O’clock is early enough for anyone to be doing some exercise, encourages swimmers to take their time and enjoy the experience, has a reasonable amount of cake involved at some stage, and ends with a picnic for friends and family. The idea of a Slow Swim and picnic started on the River Stour in Dedham on the Suffolk-Essex border in the UK in 2013.

Slow Swimming Event Waves

  • Wave One: Seriously Need More Cake (known as Serious) for swimmers who race.
  • Wave Two: Relaxed 'cause we know where the cake is hidden (known as Relaxed) for swimmers who hold a steady pace without a rush.
  • Wave Three: Enjoying the Journey (known as Enjoying it) for swimmers who scull along, maybe with a bit of paddling, smiling and chatting.
  • Wave Four: Pooh Sticks for people who want to enjoy the scenery and float along using floaty things and stick out the occasional hand or foot to paddle.

Slow Swimming Events

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